The Swarm Effect™ 

No idea should die before the applause even ends. Unleash the Power of TED-Inspired Speaking with the Swarm Effect™.

Transform Your Communication, Create a Memorable Impact, and Be the Speaker Everyone Wants to Engage With. You speak. they Swarm.

“Those who tell stories rule society.“

You're a leader, an executive, a professional who's often tasked with presenting ideas. You want to go beyond the mundane corporate communication and truly captivate your audience, just like the renowned TED speakers do.
You find that conventional speaking methods are not impactful enough, your presentations lack dynamism, and you're struggling to connect with your audience.

Enter the Swarm Effect™ - a revolutionary communication model that distills the essence of TED-style speaking, enabling you to step up your game. Developed by a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience with the TED organization and mentoring TED/TEDx speakers, the Swarm Effect™ is a fresh, authentic approach designed specifically for the busy professional.

Incorporate the Swarm Effect™ into your communication repertoire, utilizing its strategies to create compelling narratives, structure your presentations effectively, and gain the confidence to communicate like a seasoned speaker. Apply the Swarm Effect™ to your existing content and watch your presentations transform.
Are you ready to achieve traction, clarity, and impact in your keynotes and presentations? Are you ready to transcend the monotony of standard presentations and engage your audience in a dynamic, unforgettable way? It's time to embrace the Swarm Effect™.
Imagine walking off the stage, or ending a meeting, only to be swarmed by an engaged audience eager to continue the conversation. Imagine being the speaker everyone wants to hear and engage with. That's the power of the Swarm Effect™.

Without the Swarm Effect™, you risk being stuck in the old corporate communication methods that do little to engage your audience. Your presentations might be forgotten as soon as they're over, leaving little impact and no engagement.

With the Swarm Effect™, you won't just improve your presentations; you'll transform your entire communication approach. From keynotes to one-on-one chats and social gatherings, you'll have the skills to captivate your audience, leaving a lasting impression. Plus, you'll learn how to create unique and engaging visual aids, making your presentations stand out, even without a background in graphic design. You'll become a natural storyteller, and you won't even realize it. That's the transformative power of the Swarm Effect™.

Ways To Experience The Swarm Effect™

  • Keynote

  • workshop

  • online cohort

The creator of the Swarm Effect (™) Arthur Zards delivers  a TED style keynote

 on the Swarm Effect (™). The keynote gives an executive audience simple and tangible takeaways that they can immediately use  to improve their communication.

"The overall rating for both your session content and your performance as a speaker on the Swarm Effect, were an absolutely phenomenal score for this community, as they rarely rate anyone that close to perfect."

Evanta, A gartner company

"Arthur was great! Appreciated his message!"
So"me clear, actionable advice, with proof-by-demonstration"
"Talk [resonated] to current challenges and provided actionable steps to take to communicate to different audiences"

Evanta Executive Summit Chicago

"I enjoyed taking a step back to be reminded about not just doing PowerPoint and telling a story."
"Great opening talk with practical guidance on effective communication. Engaging speaker, demonstrated how to collect input from a large crowd."
"Wonderfully informative and able to apply immediately for my and my audience's benefit!"
"Nice work Arthur, so glad to listen!"
"Great insights into speaking/ conversing effectively."

Evanta Executive Summit Detroit

"Outstanding and actionable advice. Loved it!"
"Interesting topic. Learned something new."
"Excellent speaker"
"The engagement and collaboration helped to get the conference started with thought leadership and the right mindset!"

CISO Executive Summit Houston