I’m noticing a trend that raises both eyebrows and concerns (no, not the AI overlords destroying humanity… yet)  but a push by applications and UX designers to force an over-reliance on AI for crafting content.  For example, starting a post on LinkedIn shows an emphasized button at the bottom that says “rewrite with AI”.  I’m seeing this creeping in almost everywhere you have the ability to write content.

It may look enticing, and it sure is easy to use,  but at what cost?

The convenience it offers is a double-edged sword. Sure it makes content generation quick and easy. By merely throwing a few keywords into the AI box and hit return, and you don’t like what you see, you can keep hitting the “rewrite with AI” button, until a polished piece of prose seems good enough. The risk?  Content that’s “good enough” being published that is bland and mediocre, but more importantly it’s forfeiting authenticity.

This phenomenon, which I dub the “Default  AI Trap” , is forcing many people to default into mediocrity, or “good enough” content, that shares nothing that’s authentic about the author. (are you even an author anymore is a valid argument too?).

This is eerily reminiscent of something I’ve seen happen in presentations with people using PowerPoint, I call it  “PowerPoint Prison.” Just as PowerPoint confines presentations within the rigid bars of bullet points, bland templates and a lack of a story or narrative, forcing the presenter to deliver lackluster  presentations. A default reliance on AI for writing will imprison our thoughts and authenticity.  It restricts us to preconceived formats and waters down the potency of true personalized expression. And no, when one keeps hitting “Rewrite with AI” until you get some content that you think captures “you”, that’s  not a personalized expression.

We are already seeing many “good enough” content being published across all the platforms, and it’s no surprise that you can pick it out. Mediocrity at its best.

It doesn’t have to be this way. AI should be used for enhancing our connection to people in communication, not replacing it with “good enough” garbage.

Stay clear of these default AI traps and embrace your own authentic voice. Remind yourself when you see the next “default AI trap”, that countless millions will be leading down the path of mediocrity, while your own authentic voice will stand out.

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