People are wanting demanding a better way to share their ideas and to make their mark on the world.
In today's rapidly evolving landscape, two glaring barriers stand in the way of genuine impact: the absence of clear communication and the inertia of unrealized ideas.
These challenges aren't mere hiccups; they can undermine the very essence of transformation, halting progress before it even begins.

Arthur Zards with a robust tenure spanning 15 years collaborating with TED / TEDx and its esteemed speakers, he has unraveled the nuances of compelling communication that inspire, influence, and instigate change. But Arthur's expertise isn't limited to articulating ideas; it's about bringing them to life. His deep roots in experience design ensure that concepts don't remain confined to paper or stage – they evolve into actionable, tangible experiences.

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"The overall rating for both your session content and your performance as a speaker on the Swarm Effect, were an absolutely phenomenal score for this community, as they rarely rate anyone that close to perfect."

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The world is craving more TED like talks in business. No one gets inspired by another corporate powerpoint presentation. TED talks have changed the landscape of communicating ideas in the public setting, and it’s time for the TED talk to change the corporate world. Arthur brings the tools and tricks of the best TED speakers into an easy to digest and actionable model called the Swarm Effect (™). Audiences will leave with an easy to use new model of communication.

We are in the experience economy, and many organizations are failing to leverage it, or don’t even know what it is. . Customer service is no longer the differentiating factor in business, its the “experience” Arthur brings the audience up to speed on the experience economy and why it matters, how to leverage it for a competitive advantage. He shares a simple model that anyone can immediately use to start designing experiences in their organizations.

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Swarm Effect (™) Speaking

Seeing a demand for corporate executives to learn to speak less “corporate”, Arthur created the Swarm Effect(™) A revolutionary simple communication model that distills the essence of TED-style speaking, enabling executives to step up their communication skills for maximum impact.

The entire talk is designed for busy executives who don’t have the time, but want quick and impactful takeaways.

Audience Takeaways:
  • The 5 stages of SWARM to easily recall and utilize the secrets of TED speakers
  • A simple storytelling mindset tool to be a better storytellers, without learning any complex models or frameworks.
  • A unique approach to challenge and hone in on their ideas
  • A major revelation on how to leverage their own authenticity
  • They will leave never looking at a PowerPoint deck the same way again.

With over 15 years of experience with the TED organization and mentoring TEDx speakers, the Swarm Effect™ is a fresh, authentic approach designed specifically for the busy professional.

With over 15 years of experience with the TED organization and mentoring TEDx speakers, the Swarm Effect™ is a fresh, authentic approach designed specifically for the busy professional.

The Deeper Truth Experience

How to harness the power of the experiential economy to create meaningful, impactful and authentic experiences for your customers, employees or brands.

Nothing builds more loyalty for your organization than meaningful engagement. Arthur shares the basics of how we are in the experiential economy and how that will impact your business, he further expands on what an experience is, and a simple method that anyone can use to start designing meaningful experiences for your customers, clients, and brand.

Arthur Zards is a founding member of the WXO (World Experience Organization) and has been developing experiential design models for 20+ years.

Audience Takeaways:
  • Understanding what the experience economy is, and why it matters.
  • The key differences between customer “service” , and customer “experience”
  • Why personalization and customization matters
  • A simple model that they can use immediately to start designing experiences.
  • How designing experiences can launch their organization past competitors who are stuck in customer service mode.

Arthur has designed experiences with organizations such as Transamerica, AbelsonTaylor, Johnson & Johnson, and lectured on experience design with The Kellogg school of management and the Segal Design Institute of Northwestern University.

official bio

Arthur Zards  A pioneering authority on catalyzing transformative thinking into action.

Connect your organization to the knowledge and tools that TED/TEDx speakers and event producers have been using to presentations that go beyond “corporate speak”

Arthur has used the Swarm Effect with students, entrepreneurs,business and civic  leaders, Olympic medalists, and even a few Astronauts who have over 32+ million YouTube views.

Arthur Zards shares the significant roadblocks for impact, communicating an idea, and creating action on the ideas. As a  pioneering authority on catalyzing transformative thinking into action. Through his 15 years of TED/TEDx expertise into sharing simple and actionable models for people to share their ideas and to create actionable impact.

The TED talk has revolutionized public speaking and it’s time for it to upheave “corporate speak : into 

Arthur Zards leverages his extensive TED/TEDx speaker experience and production expertise to show how anyone can think and act like a TED speaker to communicate with impact.

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