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“Arthur was the keynote speaker at our annual kick-off meeting and the whole team loved his SWARM approach to communication and public speaking. His content was fantastic and my team learned lots of new ideas from his session – and that’s a team that works with 4,000+ speakers each year! His session was engaging, insightful and uplifting and I received a lot of great feedback and thank yous for inviting him to speak – a great way to round off our kick-off on an impactful high-note!”

Evanta CEO Simeon Turner   

People are wanting demanding a better way to share their ideas and to make their mark on the world.
Executives are struggling to tell stories. The Swarm Effect® gives them the tools needed to immediately make an impact, and it works.

Arthur Zards with a robust tenure spanning 15 years collaborating with TED / TEDx and its esteemed speakers, he has unraveled the nuances of compelling communication that inspire, influence, and instigate change. But Arthur's expertise isn't limited to articulating ideas; it's about bringing them to life. His deep roots in experience design ensure that concepts don't remain confined to paper or stage – they evolve into actionable, tangible experiences.

The world is craving more storytelling and TED like talks in business. No one gets inspired by another corporate powerpoint presentation. TED talks have changed the landscape of communicating ideas in the public setting, and it’s time for the TED talk to change the corporate world. Arthur brings the tools and tricks of the best TED speakers into an easy to digest and actionable model called the Swarm Effect ®. Audiences will leave with an easy to use new model of communication.

We are in the experience economy, and many organizations are failing to leverage it, or don’t even know what it is. . Customer service is no longer the differentiating factor in business, its the “experience” Arthur brings the audience up to speed on the experience economy and why it matters, how to leverage it for a competitive advantage. He shares a simple model that anyone can immediately use to start designing experiences in their organizations.

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Swarm Effect ® Speaking

Seeing a demand for corporate executives to learn to speak less “corporate”, Arthur created the Swarm Effect(™) A revolutionary simple communication model that distills the essence of TED-style speaking, enabling executives to step up their communication skills for maximum impact.

The entire talk is designed for busy executives who don’t have the time, but want quick and impactful takeaways.

Audience Takeaways:
  • The 5 stages of SWARM to easily recall and utilize the secrets of TED speakers
  • A simple storytelling mindset tool to be a better storytellers, without learning any complex models or frameworks.
  • A unique approach to challenge and hone in on their ideas
  • A major revelation on how to leverage their own authenticity
  • They will leave never looking at a PowerPoint deck the same way again.

With over 15 years of experience with the TED organization and mentoring TEDx speakers, the Swarm Effect® is a fresh, authentic approach designed specifically for the busy professional.

With over 15 years of experience with the TED organization and mentoring TEDx speakers, the Swarm Effect® is a fresh, authentic approach designed specifically for the busy professional.

The Deeper Truth Experience

How to harness the power of the experiential economy to create meaningful, impactful and authentic experiences for your customers, employees or brands.

Nothing builds more loyalty for your organization than meaningful engagement. Arthur shares the basics of how we are in the experiential economy and how that will impact your business, he further expands on what an experience is, and a simple method that anyone can use to start designing meaningful experiences for your customers, clients, and brand.

Arthur Zards is a founding member of the WXO (World Experience Organization) and has been developing experiential design models for 20+ years.

Audience Takeaways:
  • Understanding what the experience economy is, and why it matters.
  • The key differences between customer “service” , and customer “experience”
  • Why personalization and customization matters
  • A simple model that they can use immediately to start designing experiences.
  • How designing experiences can launch their organization past competitors who are stuck in customer service mode.

Arthur has designed experiences with organizations such as Transamerica, AbelsonTaylor, Johnson & Johnson, and lectured on experience design with The Kellogg school of management and the Segal Design Institute of Northwestern University.

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"The overall rating for both your session content and your performance as a speaker on the Swarm Effect, were an absolutely phenomenal score for this community, as they rarely rate anyone that close to perfect."

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Arthur has been a cornerstone of the TEDxNaperville community since 2009, not only hosting but also enriching the platform by coaching hundreds of TED/TEDx speakers who have collectively over 41 million YouTube views. His own TEDx and TED talks, notably at a TED organization workshop, underscore his expertise in delivering captivating narratives.

Beyond the TEDx stage, Arthur has leveraged his Experiential-based talks to inspire audiences across various platforms, including non-profit conferences, numerous chambers of commerce, and as the keynote speaker at the prestigious International Nokia Human Factors Engineering conference. His academic contributions as a lecturer at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University and the Segal School of Design further highlight his commitment to sharing knowledge.

Internationally recognized for his Swarm Effect™ keynote, Arthur has influenced countless individuals across dozens of cities worldwide. His role as a keynote speaker for the Gartner Group's Evanta Summit series showcases his impact on senior leadership thinking.

Arthur's versatility shines through his live improvisation performances and his creative prowess as the writer and star of his own sketch comedy show, blending humor and insight to engage and enlighten audiences.

Driven by a passion for innovation and the power of collective intelligence, Arthur continues to share his insights with a global audience. Discover more about Arthur's journey and invite him to bring the Swarm Effect™ to your next event.

A more detailed biography can be found here.

Testimonials - what participants are saying

  • Fantastic content!
  • Well done
  • Very interesting talk about talking.
  • Great tips
  • Really helpful content and a very usable framework to take away
  • Public speaking and communicating in general is extremely important for our role within an organisation. This was a great talk with useful recommendations we can directly apply to our day job.
  • Great insights into story telling!
  • Fantastic! Very helpful and relevant!
  • Storytelling is so important in getting your story heard in business. Thank you.
  • Excellent sessions with so many valuable nuggets.
  • I was able to reflect on my own style of presenting and will definitely incorporate SWARM and storytelling.
  • Great content and enjoyed the topic very much. I will be sure use the techniques learned today.
  • Thanks for giving me some good things to think about.
  • Great information that I plan to use.
  • Helpful!
  • Great content
  • Fantastic. I’m taking this to my ops team who continues to struggle with their narrative.
  • This was exactly what I was hoping for from this conference super helpful and usable.
  • Amazing insights and a simple strategy to employ.
  • Very useful content
  • I enjoyed the cadence and content, and I look forward to using the techniques and continued content!
  • Fantastic presentation and really like follow up capabilities!!!
  • Awesome speaker and topic! Now I’m rewriting my leadership deck
  • Fantastic quick notes.
  • Love the 1,2,4 process at the end.
  • Great message and cool insights and tips for emerging leaders
  • Could have been a bit longer
  • Would have loved to see a high level CISO story
  • I was able to envision how to apply the storytelling advice for more generalized content and audiences, but not yet clear on how to make use of it for the context of cyber program updates to executive committees or the board.
  • Really good start to get into better presentation skills. Great segue into his services.
  • Wonderful content- this is the reason I continue to attend Evanta!
  • Very inspirational and content that is useable! Thank you
  • Interaction Exercise was great ice breaker.
  • Enjoyable talk. Learned a lot but also got affirmation of my own skills at public speaking
  • Great content. Very relevant to our day to day indeed
  • The choice of speaker and topic was excellent. Non-technical and very valuable to the
  • audience as it is not something they hear all the time and something not everyone finds
  • easy to learn! It grounded the day perfectly to make us aware of the 360 skills of being a
  • security leader, ie more than just knowing the tech and cyber domains. Arthur presented
  • authentically and with presence and he was easy to listen to with sticky messages.
  • Nicely done.
  • Very practical suggestions to enhance my presentation skills. Truly appreciated the 1, 2 ,4 all process
  • Great message and very engaging. Something I will take back to the business
  • Already thinking how I can use this. I’ve been asked to speak to a class of security
  • students and will use this advice.
  • The effect of this keynote is Sweet, Warm, Applicable with high Resonance and Mutual benefit.
  • Interesting, specifically the part about sticking to your strengths.
  • Loved the content on storytelling. Lots of great takeaways for me on how to better and more effectively present whether managing up or down.
  • Great content and insightful. Will definitely use the SWARM effect going forward.
  • Great presentation and very timely as I'm going to be speaking at some conferences next year.
  • Very informative keynote. I am always excited to attend these session and this one was no exception. I gained insights that I can apply to my daily activities.. Arthur did a fantastic job.
  • Valuable lesson in how to gather interest in our ventures
  • Excellent and engaging presentation!!
  • Impressive presentation (and content) - great kickoff to the summit!
  • Great content! Presented a bit fast. Would suggest a little slower pace and more modulation of the voice. Thanks for the tips Arthur.
  • Excellent engagement and great content!
  • I always need help with this topic. I liked the content and delivery.
  • "Loved this session!
  • Once upon a time there was an engaging speaker who delivered practical tips for us to try when talking with our teams. Hopefully we apply and become more engaging speakers. To be continued….. ."
  • Great!!
  • Storytelling is important in any function!!
  • He was the best of the bunch
  • Great practical tips!
  • Very applicable!!!
  • Wow! Past-paced, but lots of great tips I will implement. Looking forward to the additional information coming!
  • Best part
  • Powerful. Thank you!
  • Best session
  • Communication is a basic function that we all still need tools and reminders for. This session gave a couple of nice tip and reminders.
  • Great keynote. New ideas and very applicable
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation, I would like to dig in more to improve my public speaking and presentation skills/presence. I despise power points.
  • Good technique for more engaging speaking. I will try it for my next presentation.
  • Wow! Inspiring and I can’t wait to start using the swarm techniques
  • Great topic that I already have plans to use in future presentations
  • Fun and useful
  • great job
  • Good overall presentation on ways of presenting. But seemed highly generic, not Security or executive focused, particularly
  • Great presenter!
  • Fantastic, relevant topic delivered in a very digestible & actionable format
  • I learned a lot from this. I will remember SWARM
  • Greats points. I plan to use this in my next presentation.
  • Fantastic session. Engaging.
  • We’ll spoken, kept the audience engaged
  • Could have been longer. Felt rushed.
  • I learned more about public speaking and knowing your audience. Great presentation.
  • Really engaging and useful. Thank you, Arthur!
  • Very simple way to create clarity
  • Excellent session and follow up material
  • Just what I needed today
  • Great ideas method and story teller
  • Fantastic, practical presentation on giving talks
  • Outstanding and actionable advice. Loved it!
  • Interesting topic. Learned something new.
  • Excellent speaker
  • The engagement and collaboration helped to get the conference started with thought leadership and the right mindset!
  • Amazing! Great knowledge transfer
  • Great speaker, would love to know more about developing a TED talk.
  • Great insights! Great presentation for which I took several things away.
  • Pace was fast but great content
  • Great content, highly applicable
  • Wow. So great.
  • Intriguing topic especially given our back office roles
  • Great start to an exciting event day!
  • Outstanding! Glad I grabbed the QR code
  • Liked it!!
  • I enjoyed taking a step back to be reminded about not just doing PowerPoint and telling a story. I also enjoyed the Q+A activity at the end.
  • The points about keeping it slide free until necessary was incredible, be personal and not so cut and dry
  • Great advice and approach
  • Great opening talk with practical guidance on effective communication. Engaging speaker, demonstrated how to collect input from a large crowd.
  • Awesome delivery with great takeaways
  • Good content. Appreciate the link/QR code at the end.
  • Good session with relevant topics. Kept audience engaged and kept to great time to allow for questions
  • Good content. Appreciated the engagement
  • Great keynote
  • Excellent content and delivery
  • Great keynote to kick off the event.
  • Wonderfully informative and able to apply immediately for my and my audience's benefit!
  • Nice work Arthur, so glad to listen!
  • Great insights into speaking/ conversing effectively.
  • Really learned a lot. I loved the SWARM effect
  • Great insights!
  • Arthur was great! Appreciated his message!
  • Some clear, actionable advice, with proof-by-demonstration
  • Talk [resonated] to current challenges and provided actionable steps to take to communicate to different audiences
  • Excellent content
  • Wow was a great topic!
  • Good job with an audience of CISO’s
  • Great way to start out the day
  • I know you were keeping it light wish there was more time to dive into your topic some more
  • Was really good and provide insight into a new concept and why it applies
  • Good presentation and nice non technical topic
  • Excellent job 👏
  • [Gave] me some good components to include in my presentations
  • Really informative, really engaging - impactful !
  • The session approached the art of public engagement. It was a great session.
  • The Zard was awesome!
  • Fantastically informative! Laughed. Learned. Improved.
  • Different take on what makes for good public speaking. Arthur had good insights when I met 1x1 as well
  • very actionable & well presented. appreciate the shoutout to our video at CFA!
  • Awesome best ever I have attended!
  • The presentation was great and engaging. I enjoyed the 4-2-1 exercise and felt it definitely drove great communication.
  • Great presentation and ideas to improve our communication
  • Fantastic content and delivery. Really enjoyed Arthur's keynote
  • Fantastic ideas for modifying how I present! Don’t start in PowerPoint is key!
  • Arthur was very relevant and engaging. Lot new stuff to learn. Thank you
  • Excellent tips on the power of storytelling
  • Great speaker, outstanding engagement and follow up.
  • Very compelling points, great talk
  • Wonderful speaker and content
  • Great presentation, great content
  • It was a brilliant idea to lead off the summit with a session to help our community enhance our practical communication and emotional intelligence. Fantastic!
  • SWARM! Great advice.
  • Such a great message for us. We are absolutely not great at telling our story!
  • Great speaker and engaging content. The A and B images were intriguing questions
  • It was an interesting talk, give another view on how to use less presentations
  • Great session and take away content
  • Great presentation, Loved it!!