Speaker Coaching 

Ready to crack open your creative idea and wield it into an unforgettable message that leaves people shook? Let's get to it.

Who Is This For

Speaker Coaching might be a fit if:

  • You feel lost in how to even start turning your idea into a talk.
  • You doubt yourself as a speaker.
  • You feel underappreciated when you speak.
  • You feel like your current presentations are stuck in PowerPoint hell.
  • You see other presenters get standing ovations, and wonder why not you?

Discover the Power of Your Idea
with TED-Style Speaking Coaching

Unleash the potential of your thoughts with our highly-effective speaking coaching, crafted from over a decade of experience working with hundreds of TED/TEDx speakers with over 40 million YouTube views. Embark on the journey of turning your revolutionary idea into an impactful message with our unique process, "Idea to Actualization: A Four-Stage Process for Transformation." Speaking Coaching focuses on the first two stages.

Stage One: I See It [Awareness]

An idea is born - it's your spark of inspiration, your vision of the future, your "aha" moment. You embody your idea and are ready to unleash it to the world. (ideas not ready yet? Start here)  

Our TED-style speaking coaching begins here, at the inception of your idea. We take you through the "I See It" stage, cultivating a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity, open-mindedness, and exploration. We will guide you in challenging, understanding, and collecting information about your idea, so that you are fully aware of your idea and its potential for transformation.

Stage TWO: I believe It [understanding]

With our seasoned expertise and your idea now firmly taking shape, we move to the "I Believe It" stage. Here, your idea deepens and becomes more substantial. You're not just aware of it, you're starting to believe in it - but how do you make others believe?

Our TED-style speaking coaching is designed to help you dissect and enhance your idea to ensure it resonates with your audience. By integrating principles of our own model, the "Swarm Effect," developed from 15 years of close collaboration with TED, we show you how to deliver your idea with compelling conviction, fostering belief in your audience as strong as your own.

The "Swarm Effect" is more than just about sharing your idea; it's about creating a wave of understanding that encourages your audience to gravitate towards your concept, just as bees swarm to their queen. It's about creating a magnetic pull that captivates your audience, stirring their curiosity and compelling them to believe.

Your idea not only becomes a speech, but an experience. Let's move from "I See It" to "I Believe It" together, shaping your idea into a potent message that leaves an indelible impact on your audience. This is the power of TED-style speaking. This is where your idea begins its journey to actualization.

Stage Three: I becoming It [acting on]

After your epic keynote is done, evolve it into an engaging experience that not only allows your audience to fully engage with your idea, but transform them. This of this as the evolution of the boring workshop. Experience Design services.

Stage FOUR: I am It [transformation]

Congratulations! Your idea has been fully actualized by your audience, they now embody the idea and are forever transformed by it. Your idea will now spark the entire Idea to Actualization process in everyone who is affected, exponentially changing the world.

Where Are You Now?

Chances are you find yourself in one of three phases within your idea generating mayhem:

Discovery Phase

You've been mulling over ideas for years, but, have NO clue where to even start getting it from brain to matter. 

storytelling phase

You've got your idea down, and can generally get the concept out, but, see eyes glaze over when you share it.

Swarm Effect ™ phase

You've been out there pitching, presenting - you have your idea on lockdown. Now, you want it to SWARM.

“I'll forever be grateful for the love, support, and encouragement in this transformational, liberating process.”

Jennifer Gimenez
Super Model, Actor, recovery advocate

The biggest compliment I can receive from clients and colleagues and students is this: You helped me think better. Arthur,
you helped me think better. Some people think inside the box. Some people think outside the box. Arthur says, “You got a box?”
What’s it like working with Arthur in just three words? It’s an experience.

Craig Sampson
Founder IDEO Chicago office, Professor Segal Design Institute of Northwestern University

“Arthur inspired me to tell a compelling story - a lesson I’ve carried with me to each of my presentations (including my classes). Since the day he turned my boring monologue into a stage-worthy production, I’ve been forever changed.”

Dr. Michelle Drouin

Get Started

Just as your idea is unique to you, where you are on your journey is the same.
Below are the options for taking your idea into an impactful presentation. All options use some elements of our signature Swarm Effect (™) method of speaking. All options begin with a no cost 20 minute consult to validate what option might be the best fit.

speaker coaching services

Our speaker services are rooting in the Swarm Effect Method™.
Each act as a building block to the next.

Idea to Stage Coaching One-on-one
Starting at $15,000

Best when you absolutely need to get a signature talk done.
Within the span of 3 months we go all in and ideate, create, script, rehearsal and everything in between for you to have a signature TED style keynote. No hourly. We do what it takes to get it done.
Time: Three month time window. No hourly limit or additional billing. Whatever it takes.

Need a signature talk sooner? We can probably do it. Contact us for more information. (additional fee may apply)

Cohort - small group live instruction

Most cost effective option for face time with instructor.
Live instruction and working class with Arthur Zards with a small group of 2-5 people. You can bring in existing content to work with. Currently utilizing the Maven platform. Custom cohorts can be designed for small groups.
Time: Cohorts vary but range from week to multiple week sprints. Classes one hour each.

Next cohort TBD

One-on-one Idea Launch

Best option for speakers who need more than some quick fixes. You might have a basic structure, but not sure where to go with it. This is direct one-on-one consulting with Arthur Zards.
Time:  5 x 60-minute one-on-one coaching via Zoom: Plus an additional 60 minutes of prep time for reviews of scripts/talks/content before the sessions start,
(in person within Chicagoland area as a half day option)

One-on-one IDea Tune up Deep Dive

Best option for speakers who have a basic structure or talk already, but need those final tweaks to make it stand out.

Time: 1 x 60 minute one-on-one with Arthur Zards: Plus an additional 30 minutes of prep time for reviews of scripts/talks/content before the session. This session is intense, and will be recorded and transcribed with a summary included.

Co-hort Mini Bootcamp

Best option for speakers who want to save money, and don't mind being in a small group of other speakers.

Time: 3 x 60 minute group sessions with Arthur Zards: Group size will range between 3-10 people. Structure is 20% lecture with 80% interactive Q/A.

Next Boot-camp: May 20,21,22 5:30pm - 6:30pm CST 

All services start with a free no obligation consult to make sure that we are a fit for each other.