Idea to Actualization:
A Four Stage Process for Transformation

For any idea to be transformative it must go through four specific stages both internally as the person who sparks the idea, and externally as someone who might be transformed by the idea and embodies it.
I See It / I Believe It / I’m Becoming It / I Am It

Once the idea passes through the final stage, the person has been transformed by the idea. This is the transformative stage where profound changes can occur in a person's worldview, attitudes, behaviors, and self-perception. This transformation often leads to a new cycle of 'I see it,' where the person becomes aware of new ideas or concepts that further their growth and self-actualization."

Most ideas fail for they struggle at any one of the stages, and/or skip a stage.

This model is crucial to anyone, no matter their current stage, as it provides a comprehensive framework for adopting, implementing, and internalizing new ideas to fuel personal or professional growth.

  • I See It [awareness]

  • i believe it [understanding]



I See It [Awareness]

This is the initiation stage where an individual comes across a new idea or concept, an idea. It could be a self-improvement strategy, a new philosophy, a business strategy, or a personal development tool, anything. The key element in this stage is recognition; it's about becoming aware of the idea. This stage involves curiosity, open-mindedness, and the willingness to explore something new. This is a stage of observation, exploration, and collection of information. Here, a person absorbs the idea without judgment or immediate application.

Each stage in this process is crucial and builds upon the previous stage. Skipping a stage can lead to a superficial understanding and short-lived commitment to the idea. However, if each stage is fully experienced, it can lead to profound, lasting transformation and self-actualization.


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