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Ready to create a transformative experience that is created from deep connection and leaves attendees impacted forever? Let's get to it.

Immerse in the Experience

Translate Your Idea into Action

Ideas have power, but true transformation begins when we start to act. Welcome to "I Am Becoming" - the vital stage of our Idea to Actualization process where your concept becomes an immersive experience.

If you cringe at having another to do another "workshop" in a hotel conference room with a PowerPoint deck, we should talk.


I Am Becoming

[Acting On]

It's time to move beyond just understanding and believing in your idea. Now, we need to breathe life into it, creating an engaging and transformative experience that touches not just the minds but also the hearts of your audience. And this is exactly what the "I Am Becoming" stage is all about.

In the realm of experience design, it's not just about telling a compelling story. It's about involving your audience, making them part of that story. Whether it's through a workshop, interactive programming, or a well-crafted customer experience, we need to translate the belief in your idea into a tangible, interactive journey.

With our proven strategies, we'll help you design experiences that engage your audience, making them active participants rather than passive recipients. Your audience will not merely hear or see your idea; they will live it. They will interact with it, wrestle with it, and see firsthand its potential and impact. This is where your idea takes on a new dimension, becoming a lived experience that engages, educates, and empowers.

We guide you in creating a space where your audience doesn't just consume your idea but actively engages with it.

This immersive experience, coupled with our unique "Swarm Effect," will ensure your audience doesn't just understand your idea - they live it, breathe it, and most importantly, they become advocates for it.
It's time to shift from passive understanding to active application, transforming your audience from mere spectators to participants.

Dive into the "I Am Becoming" stage with us, and let's create an immersive experience that will resonate long after the lights go down. This is the stage where your idea truly starts to come alive.

Experience Design might be a fit if:

  • Your presentations get an applause, but no action beyond that.
  • You struggle with making your programming and workshops engaging.
  • Your workshops on your content are giant PowerPoint presentations.
  • You don’t see people taking direct action on your ideas.
  • You want action.

Our Experience Design Modalities


Breath life into the typical PowerPoint led conference programming session. Create authentic engagements and interactivity with your idea, products or brand.


Expand personal and professional development by facilitating engaging workshops that put your  ideas into action. 


Lab Z specializes in thinking outside the box. Together, we can aid in curating new models that can support new initiatives.


Ignite innovation and transform your events into revolutionary moments that will give you the competitive edge.

Resource Design

Leave them wanting more and remind them of what they had by providing noteworthy resources that serve a purpose.

Virtual Workshops

No more webinars. Virtual consulting and production to convert boring webinars into impactful and memorable experiences.

Virtual Conference Strategy & Design

Tired of the typical virtual conference? We have a framework to help you turn your boring event into an experience.

Experience Design

We design fully immersive experiences that will change forever how your organization looks at events. Virtually, or in person.

Human Experience Design Workshop

Gain the skills needed to break through the mundane and allow your team to design for impactful, authentic, and memorable engagements.

Experiential Tool Design

We design custom toolsets to facilitate authentic engagement. (A card system seen here at the TED Summit.)

Speaker Placement

We have access to the world's top change makers. No ego driven speakers here, just people who’s ideas are changing the world. Let them share them with your organization.

How it Works


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Prep Session

During this session, we gather all the elements of your perspective project and create an outline.


Development Plan

With outline in hand, we determine how long our engagement will be and solidify the outputs.


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